1. Magnetic Man Bracelet
2. Strong magnetic bracelet
3. Magentic Hematite Bracelet
4. Magentic Hematite Necklace
5. Magnetic Jewelry Set
6. Magnetic Earring
7. Magnetic Ring
8. Magnetic Pendant

Magnetic Jewelry Set

magnetic pearl bead necklace magnetic hematite necklace magnetic hematite chain
magnetic bead necklace magnetic necklace magnetic hematite necklace
YX-CB006 YX-CB007
magnetic jewelry necklace magnetic jewelry magnetic hematite jewelry
YX-MB001 YX-MN001
YX-MB002 YX-MN002
YX-MB003 YX-MN003
magnetic jewelry necklace magnetic bead necklace magnetic therapy necklace
YX-MB004 YX-MN004
YX-MB005 YX-MN005
YX-MB006 YX-MN006
magnetic bead necklace magnetic jewelry necklace magnetic therapy necklace
YX-MB007 YX-MN007
YX-MB008 YX-MN008
YX-MB009 YX-MN009
magnetic pearl bead necklace magnetic pearl bead necklace  
YX-PN001 YX-PB001
YX-PN002 YX-PB002

We have many styles of magnetic necklace jewelry, if you are interested, please contact us for more patterns and materials.

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