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Let our technical expertise and experience handle all of your requirements.We export a broad range of sizes from our factories,We have a team of engineers who lend their specialized skill sin technical design to meet your exacting specifcations.Samples are available at a cost,and always handled and delivered as quickly as possible.Tooling-up time normally takes less than three weeks for small size sample.Send us your specifications today,and we will promptly meet your design requirements with affordably-priced products.
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The quality of our products is guranteed,Delivery guaranteed in 15 days after confirmation of order,Payment terms are L/C at sight.
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After sales services such as insurance,shipping,customs,export documents,quality inspections,and maintenance are offered through our customer service center in Xiamen,China.
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Susan Chen
Service department
Tel:86 592 2217138
Fax:86 592 2207122
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