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The Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Power

    YX Magnetizing Power

Demagnetizing Power
Main Uses of the magnetizing power
  • Type of 1000V
    magnetizing for speaker,speedmeter,automobile motor,earphone,single magnet.
  • Type of 1500V
    multi-pole Magnetizing for rare earth and plastic ferrite magnet,inner magnetizing for micromotor,PM stepin motor,VTR,small flat motor,fan motor,small DC motor,magnetic encoder,FG.
  • Type of 2500V
    magnetizing for rare earth(SmCo,NdFeB),AC servo motor,hybrid/PM steping motor,movement for watch,magnetron principal axis motor,focus actuator,air-condition motor,refrigeration motor.
  • Type of 4000V
    magnetizing for large size rare earth(SmCo,NdFeB),electrical vehicle motor,big servo motor and lainear servo motor,IPM motor.
Main uses fo the magnetizing and demagnetizing powers

Demagnetizing for plastic magnet of spool runner,ahead-process of crushing for recycle,remagnetizing of reject,it is notes the magnetic characteristic of NdFeB PM will be changed after demagnetizing.The high-HC magnet can not be demagnetized completely.


    YX I       YX II       YX III       YX IV  
Model YXD-1520-30 YXD-2520-30 YXD-2530-30 YXD-4030-30 YXD4060-30
Input PowerAC220V 50~60Hz 30A AC220V 50~60Hz 40A AC380V 50~60Hz 60A
Max Output Curent 30,000 30,000 30,000
Charge Voltage DC50~1500V DC50~2500V DC200~4000V
Repet Precision Of Charge Voltage +/- 1V+1 digit +/- 1V+1 digit +/- 1V+1 digit
Charge Time 5 sec 6 sec 10 sec 12 sec 24 sec
The capacity of Condenser 2000 uF 2000 uF 3000 uF 3000 uF 6000 uF
The Capacity Of Changing 1000/2000 1000/2000 1000/2000/3000 1000/2000/3000 1000/2000/6000
Main Switch SCR SCR SCR
Compare Function Have Have Have
Interior Dicharge Circuit Have Have Have
Enclosure Dimensions 600W×900D×1350H 700W×900D×1450H 700W×1180D×1450H 1000W×1000D×2000H 1660W×1000D×2000H
Weight250Kg 410Kg 510Kg 1200Kg 1800Kg

Series of machinery for magnetic industry for your choice
Magnet-testing Instrument DMT series Electro Magnet DCT series
MC MCG     
Magnetizer/Demagnetize YX I YX II YX III YX IV    
D08 Series            
Soft Magnetic Material static Hyteresisgraph System    
DC Hysteresisgraph          MATS-2010H MATS-2010SD
AC Hysteresisgraph          MATS-2010M MATS-2010SA
Magnetic field distribution automatic measuring meter MFDAM        

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