The Special Magnetizing Power
   YX Magnetizing Power

special magnetizing power

Uses of the special magnetizing power

  • Type of 1504,1506
    magnetizing for micromotor in either inner or outer ways.The magnetized motors' ditributions of magnet fileds will be in highly uniformity.
  • Type of 1510-20 II,2510-2510-30II
    Magnetizing for multi-pole of teeny pole distance rare earth,one equipment may match with two yokes or two coils
  • Type of 1520-30 II V
    polar-anisotropic and tropism magnet automatically can be loacted the right magnetizing position according to the polarizing axis of the magnets.
  • Type of 4030-30 II
    two work-position uses jointly one magnetizer,magnetizing independently with different voltage.
      YX I       YX II       YX III       YX IV  
Model YX-1504-10 YX-1506-10 YX-1510-20 II YX-1520-30 IIV YX-2510-30 II YX-4030-30 II
Input Power AC220V 50~60Hz 10A AC220V 50~60Hz 15A AC220V 50~60Hz 30A AC220V 50~60Hz 40A AC220V 50~60Hz 60A
Max Output Curent 10,000 10,000 20,000×2 30,000×2 30,000×2 30,000×2
Charge Voltage DC50~1500V DC50~1500V DC50~1500V DC50~2500V DC50~4000V
Repet Precision Of Charge Voltage +/- 1V+1 digit +/- 1V+1 digit +/- 1V+1 digit
Charge Time 2 sec 4 sec 5 sec 4 sec 12 sec
The capacity of Condenser 400 uF 600 uF 1000 uF 2000 uF 1000 uF 3000 uF
The Capacity Of Changing none 400/600 none 1000/2000 none 1000/2000/3000
Main Switch SCR SCR SCR
Compare Function Have Have Have
Interior Dicharge Circuit Have Have Have
Enclosure Dimensions 450W×850D×565H 450W×1000D×565H 500W×1000D×900H 600W×900D×1350H 1000W×1000D×2000H
Weight 154Kg 150Kg 200Kg 280Kg 320Kg 1200Kg

Series of machinery for magnetic industry for your choice
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MC MCG     
Magnetizer/Demagnetizer YX I YX II YX III YX IV    
D08 Series            
Soft Magnetic Material static Hyteresisgraph System    
DC Hysteresisgraph          MATS-2010H MATS-2010SD
AC Hysteresisgraph          MATS-2010M MATS-2010SA
Magnetic field distribution automatic measuring meter MFDAM        

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