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Magnetic Health Products

Magnetic Healthy Products


Magnetic Health ProductsMagnetic health products apply magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. They help to speed the heating process and improve

Magnetic Health Products

Magnetic health products apply magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. They help to speed the heating process and improve quality of sleep without any adverse side effects. Whether used independently or as an adjunct to your current treatment, Magnetic Health Products are very effective for the relief of discomfort due to join and muscle pain, inflammation, and stiffness, making it an excellent choice for everyone. The product ranges include magnetic waist support, shoe pad, knee pad, ankie support, elbow support, wrist support etc.

magnetic health products, Waist Support, Elbow Support, Wrist Support, Shoe-pad, Knee-pad


Magnetic Waist Support

In traditional Chinese medicine, the waist is regarded as the vital point of life and the place that vital energy exists, It has been taken for important to protect and strengthen waists. Our company has developed a new waist-protecting product health preservation magnetic belt. This product is thin and soft, so look quite fine. Additionally, it is very easy to be used, that is, you only need to band it outside the under wear around your waist. It has an obvious therapeutic effect on the injury of waist muscle and sciatica, etc.

Magnetic Waist Support

YXWS-01 820×130 Normal
YXWS-02 1030×100 Dismantling
YXWS-03 1020×180 Not magnetized


Magnetic Shoe-pad

In accordance with biomagnetics, science of jingluo and the outside-in principle of traditional Chinese medicine, our company has developed health preservation magnetic shoe-pad. It is a rubber pad on which there is fourteen powerful magnets set in the specific positions according to joints said in the science of jngluo. Through its magnetic field's effect on the joints of human body and the physical stimulation of its convex surface, it dredges channels of vital energy, activates blood circulation and limbers up muscles and joints for the purpose of health and strength. This product wins favor from large numbers of ordinary people because of its original design and low price.

Magnetic Shoe-pad

YXSP-WP-1 5 - 8 Women's/Plastic magnet
YXSP-WP-2 9 - 11 Women's/Plastic magnet
YXSP-MP-1 7 - 10 Men's/Plastic magnet
YXSP-MP-2 11 - 15 Men's/Plastic magnet
YXSP-WF-1 5 - 8 Women's/Ferrite
YXSP-WF-2 9 - 11 Women's/Ferrite
YXSP-MF-1 7 - 10 Men's/Ferrite
YXSP-MF-2 11 - 15 Men's/Ferrite

Magnetic Knee Pad

Magnetic knee-pad is a health preservation magnet product based on the principle of biomagnetics. This product can not only protect your knee like an ordinary pad but also strengthen your body through the effect of magnetic field on jingluo, which is a system of internal main and collateral channels of human being, regarded as a network of energy passage in traditional Chinese medicine, Especially, it can help to treat rheum arthritis.

Magnetic Knee pad

YXKP-01 110×160 Ferrite 12pcs R18×5
YXKP-02 107×107 Ferrite 9pcs R18×5


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