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AUTOMATIC HYSTERIGRAPH MODEL AMT-4 TEST SYSTEM Forcefield magnet testing DMT-4 system is developed on the basis of DMT-3,accords with the measuring

AMT-4 TEST SYSTEM Forcefield magnet testing
DMT-4 system is developed on the basis of DMT-3,accords with the measuring system of permanent magnetism of GB3217-92 standard, could be used for measuring Ferrit, AINico SAMARIUM,RARE EARTH,PLASTIC MAGNET and Br,Hcb Hcj,(BH) max,Hk of material so on ......for the magnetic parameter, it could meet to testing function, Precision, power capacity reliability, efficiency, price of different requests of environment from laboratory to enterprise's production line. Comparing with the fact that various kinds of domestic and international standards testing equipment,DMT-4 can guarantee the equal precision of test and have the following characteristics which is very useful to users:

Double work mode: Adopt the whole computer mode; or the digital transistor also reads 5 Parameters directly, automatic drawing of recording instrument under non-computer mode.

Fully Automatically: Including automatic transmission, drift adjusting automatic calibration, automatically Compensate, zero adjust automatically, Zero resetting automatically......Generally, it is finished automatically for DMT-4 host machine board setup and operation under the system control.

The size range: Suitable for the great sample test from powder material, from 3 small bar magnets to 260 larger ones.
Various testing coils for selection: Allow and adopt prefabricated J coil, B coil, head coil,or hand wound coil test, or use the high constituted empty B coil to test rare earth material with Hcj 30,000Oe ,does not cause the saturation of the amplifier.
Simple and easy operation: The mode of the computer only needs the keyboard, mouse to finish testing, the non-computer mode only need to press a key to start program and can finish the entire testing course.

The speed can be chosen: Can choose from 5 seconds to 70 seconds testing cycles to meeting different requirement of different occasion. It is reliable that DMT-4 disposes quality, follow the major brand computer systems of the times closely (users also appoint negotiable), The clectro-magnet has big, medium and small types(7 kinds of types altogether) available.
Main technical indicator:

Integrator steady degree: Zero adjusting automatically is superior to 0.1~0.2% /of 90 seconds(relate to shelf location) 
B,J passway: Repetitiveness is superior to 0.25%,the error is below 1%(full degree of value) 
H passway: Repetitiveness is more than 0.25%,the error is below 1%(full degree of value) 
(BH)max passway: Repetitiveness if superior to 0.5%,the error is smaller than 0.5~2%( change with the sample kind). 
Magnetization power: The greatest output power can reach 50KW,intellectual control.

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DCT-140 Electromagnet

Input current:0~30A,total weight is about 350KGs,pole head is changeable, Diameter of pole core isF140mm,equipped with wind cooling system. The parameter of magnetic field it could generate is as follows:
DCT-200 Electromagnet

Input current:0~75A,total weight is about 900KG,pole head is changeable, Diameter of pole core isF200mm,equipped with wind/water cooling system, The parameter of magnetic field it could generate is as follows:
Pole max. diameter(mm)
Adaptable pole specification
Adaptable range (mm)
Rated current


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