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NCD Series



NCD Series MagnetizerWhy to Choose Our NCD Series MagnetizerOngoing dedication to quality, standards and knowledge is the goal of Yuxiang. We are trying our bes

NCD Series Magnetizer

Why to Choose Our NCD Series Magnetizer

Ongoing dedication to quality, standards and knowledge is the goal of Yuxiang. We are trying our best to make our products benefit everyone of our customers to reflect our commitment.

Permanent magnet materials have been extensively used in various fields, and their applications are expected to widen in the future. Permanent magnets mainly consist of AlNiCo magnets, Ferrite magnets, rare-earth magnets, rubber magnets and plastic magnets. Permanent sensor, small motors for business machines, such as brushless motors and stepper motors in computers, scanners, CD-ROM, and NCD.

In order to establish the desired magnetic fields in a permanent material, it is necessary to build a magnetic field of a fixed intensity and magnetize the material up to the saturation point of the maximum magnetic flux density. To meet this purpose, a high-capacity power source magnetizer for producing magnetic fileds, magnetizing coils, and jigs are needed.

NCD magnetizer structure


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