Injection bonded SmCo magnet

Injection plastic molded SmCo magnet, a kind of new-generation composite material made from permanent magnetic powder and plastic, has outstanding magnetic properties and plastic properties and features high size precision and exceptional shock resistance. It can be processed into various components with complicated shapes, thus can be used in the industries of micro or special motor, office equipment, instrument, meter and beeper. All or only part of the device may be magnetized. Injection molded magnet is sometimes cost advantageous to make an entire part out of the magnet material and just magnetize the portion requiring magnetic output. Custom design orders are welcomed.

injection bonded smco magnet, injection molded smco magnet
Physical and Magnetic properties Of Injection Smco Bonded Magnet
Br (mT) 300-400 550-680
bHc (kA/m) 199-279 334-462
iHc (kA/m) 716-1194 716-1194
(BH)max(kJ/m3) 20-28 48-64
Recoil permeability µr 1.05-1.1 1.05-1.1
Recoil temperature coefficient of Br. (%/°C) -0.04
Magnetizing field (Ka/m) ≥2786 ≥2786
Density(g/cm3) 3-6 4-6
Ring crushing strength constant (N/mm2) >76 >76
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