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WATS-2010H Soft Magnetic Material Dynamic Hysteresisograph System WATS-2010H


Automatic measurement on hysteresis loop and demagnetization curve of permanent-magnet material, accurate measurement on magnetic characteristic parameters such

Automatic measurement on hysteresis loop and demagnetization curve of permanent-magnet material, accurate measurement on magnetic characteristic parameters such as remanence Br, coercive force HcB, intrinsic coercive force HcJ and maximum magnetic energy product (BH)max.

Windows measurement software applied simply. The product conforms to China National Standards GB / T3217 - 92 and international standard IEC404 - 5.

Adopt ATS structure, users can customize different configuration as required: According to the size of measured sample to determine electromagnet size and correspondent test source power; Select different measuring coil and probe according to testing method; Determine whether selecting jig according to sample shape; Determine whether selecting heating system according to test requirement

General Features

  1. Automatic measurement on saturation hysteresis loop and magnetic characteristic parameters of generally permanent-magnet material such as Ferrite, Rubber & Plastic Magnet and AlNiCo, etc.: Js, Br, HcB, HcJ, (BH)max.
  2. Automatic measurement on demagnetization curve and magnetic characteristic parameters of rare earth permanent-magnet materials such as NdFeB and SmCo, etc. at the second quadrant: Br, HcB, HcJ, Hk(H90) and (BH)max.
  3. Test sample shapes: circular ring, round cake, square, tile and other irregular shapes.
  4. Adopt B coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetic induction, zero shift of integrator can be self-corrected through software.
  5. Adopt J coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetical polarization, remnant coil area of J coil can be automatically compensated through software.
  6. Magnetic field intensity can be measured with Hall magnetometer, nonlinear error of hall probe can be corrected through software, within 0 ~ 2.4T range, nonlinear error can be controlled within ±0.2%.
  7. Adopt H coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetic field intensity, Hall magnetometer only used to indicate zero point of magnetic field so as to thoroughly eliminate nonlinear error of hall probe.
  8. Optimal range of field voltage, fluxmeter and magnetometer can be automatically set up.
  9. Magnetization, testing and demagnetization of general permanent magnetic sample completed at one time, time set up 20 seconds ~ 60 seconds.
  10. Rare earth permanent magnetic samples need saturation magnetizing before testing, testing time 60 seconds ~ 120 seconds.
  11. The sample after tested is in demagnetization or magnetizing status, freely selected by users.
  12. Select heating head and temperature controller to detect magnetic characteristics of Ferrite, AlNiCo and rare earth material under high temperature (maximal 220ºC).
  13. Select shoe jig for direct measurement on magnetic shoe.

Software Features

Operate under Windows 95 / 98, Windows 2000 / XP operating systems, Chinese/ English or pure English interface optional, conform to Windows software specification, visual and simple operation. 

Full automatic control, intelligent identification, minimize manual operation. 

Sampling waveform and instrument status under real-time monitoring, and can be stopped at any time.

Automatic completion of data calculation, and temperature conversion of test result. 

File system adopts database format, can directly print or output test result to Excel form.

Powerful file management functions: data saving, deletionb and removal.

Data files contain complete sampled data, sample parameters, instrument parameters and testing schemes, adopt text format, can be conveniently typed into other software.

Display magnetic energy-product curves such as B( H) and J( H) magnetic hysteresis cycle or demagnetization curve and B (BH) magnetic energy-product curve, etc. and display coordinate message at every data point on curve. 

Simultaneous display of multiple test data curve diagrams, for example: demagnetization curve or magnetic hysteresis cycle of same sample under different temperatures, demagnetization curve or magnetic hysteresis cycle of different samples, etc. 

Support various models of printers, test report accurately match printer sheet.

Print preview function, can conveniently regulate the size and edge distance of test report.

Test report can be directly printed, or generate JPG image file.

JPG image file can be sent directly through E-mail, or saved into disk.

Test reports contain complete curve diagrams, test results, test conditions and sample parameters. To facilitate adding user mark and enterprise name.

Software Screen

hysteresisgraph software

Technical Data


System Specifications

Test AlNiCo standard sample, measuring error on entire magnetic hysteresis cycle estimated: B: 1_ H: 1_

Parameters measured Br(%) HcB(%) HcJ (%) (BH)max(%)
Uncertainty (k=2) 1 1 1 2
Repeatability (constant temperature) ± 0.3 ± 0.3 ± 0.3 ± 1

Instrument Specifications

TPS-2000H Test Power Supply   DCT150 Electromagnet
    Output Voltage: 0 ~±100V
    Output Current:±20A (maximum value)
    Stability: superior to 0.05%
    Stability: superior to 0.05%
    Head Diameter: 150mm shrink to 80mm
    Head Spacing: 0 ~ 50mm (continual adjustable)
    Maximal Magnetic Field: 2.4T (head spacing 10mm, coil current 30A)
LZ-210B Fluxmeter DCT200 Electromagnet
    Range: 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mWb 
    Full Range Precision: 0.5% 
    Zero Shift: 2μWb /30 seconds (2.5mWb)
    Head Diameter: 200mm shrink to 120mm
    Head Spacing: 0 ~ 50mm (continual adjustable)
    Maximal Magnetic Field: 2.4T (head spacing 10mm, coil current 40A)
LZ-210H Magnetometer DCT250 Electromagnet
    Range: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 3 T 
    Full Range Precision: 0.5% 
    Non-Linearity:±0.2% (software correction)
    Head Diameter: 250mm shrink to 150mm
    Head Spacing: 0 ~ 50mm (continual adjustable)
    Maximal Magnetic Field: 2.7T (head spacing 10mm, coil current 80A)
DCT130 Electromagnet PC6011 A/D D/A card
    Head Diameter: 130mm
    Head Spacing: 0 ~ 50mm (continual adjustable)
    Maximal Magnetic Field: 1.5T (head spacing 10mm, coil current 20A)
    A/D Conversion: 12Bit, 32 channels 
    Conversion Time: < 10μs 
    Conversion Accuracy: 0.05% (full range) 
    D/A Conversion: 12Bit, 2 channels 
    Setup Time: < 10μs

Product Family


Standard Equipment

Serial No. Product Model WATS-2010H130 WATS-2010H150 WATS-2010H200 WATS-2010H250
1  Electromagnet Model  DCT130  DCT150  DCT200  DCT250
2  Test Power Supply  2kW  3kW  4kW  8kW
3  Fluxmeter Configuration  One NH-210B  Two NH-210B
4  Magnetometer  NH-210H
5  Data Acquisition Card  PC6011
6  Measurement Software  HMTest partial functions HMTest all functions
7  Computer and Printer  586 compatible machine + HP1020 laser printer
8  Standard Specimen  One AlNiCo standard sample
9  Fixed Coil  One B coil  One J coil  J coil + H coil  J coil + H coil
10  Test Specimen Category  AlNiCo
11  Specimen Size
 (with round sample as an example)
 Diameter 3 ~ 100mm
 Thickness 3 ~ 50mm
 Ø < 130 - 1.2H
General permanent magnetic:
Ø3 ~ 60mm
H3 ~ 50mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø5 ~ 20mm
H5 ~ 15mm

General permanent magnetic:
Ø3 ~ 90mm
H3 ~ 50mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø5 ~ 30mm
H5 ~ 20mm

General permanent magnetic:
Ø3 ~ 120mm
H3 ~ 50mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø5 ~ 50mm
H5 ~ 30mm


Serial No. Options Name Functional Description Remark
1  B Coil  Direct measurement on sample magnetic induction density, winding unnecessary  Customized, adaptable to the measurement of general permanent-magnet material
2  J Coil  Direct measurement on sample magnetical polarization, winding unnecessary  Customized, adaptable to the measurement of all permanent-magnet materials
3  Common Head  Work with electromagnet to generate uniform magnetic field  DCT130 standard configuration, other models optional
4  Horn Head  Generate larger uniform magnetic field  All models of electromagnet optional
5  Shrinkage Head  Applies to improve maximal magnetic field of electromagnet  DCT130 optional, other models with standard configuration
6  Iron Cobalt Head  Can improve maximal magnetic field for about 0.3T  Only DCT200 and DCT250 optional
7  Heat Head  Applies to measure high temperature property of permanent-magnet material  All models of electromagnet optional
8  TCS-200 Temperature Controller  Applies to control temperature of heat head, control range: 50 ~ 250°C  Optional, can match with various heat heads
9  Tile Jig  Applies to measure magnetic shoe  Optional parts, customize according to magnetic shoe size, to match electromagnet with corresponding size


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